New technology-5G

Fifth-generation of advanced wireless technology has been presented in 2018. It is a technology that will offer faster speeds and better connectivity than technologies before. When it comes to the performances 5G speed will be from 50 Mbit/s to over a gigabit. The most common mid-band 5G will range from 100 to 400 Mbit/s. So far, only 28 world countries have implemented 5G technology and by some estimation, 5G will reach 46% of population coverage by 2024 and become the fastest technology implemented on the global scale.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Besides the speed that is new 5G technology offering it is expected that it will unleash a new massive Internet of Things ecosystem that will improve today’s world in every aspect. 5G technology will serve communication needs for the millions of connected devices. Communication between machines, objects, and humans will be the fastest and most reliable than ever before. Not only that but new technology will allow you to connect to more devices than ever before. We all know that you can control some parts of the house by using our mobile phone but the best example is that this technology will greatly impact the implementation of self-driven cars.

5G will have a great impact on the modern world. It is not just mobile phones, self-driven cars, and smart homes that will benefit from the new technology. Public safety and infrastructure will benefit from it, cities will operate more efficiently, utility companies will be able to track usage remotely with better accuracy, surveillance cameras will be easier to set, and any malfunction on any system will be noted quickly and solved more easily. Heavy machinery in the industry will be operated from the distance, allowing skilled workers to operate from any corner of the world and not be in a hazardous area. Health care will also benefit from it, surgeries could be done from the distance and could be more precise. Overall this technology could be a major game-changer.